Why Does The Sun Give Us Light?

 It is difficult to believe that what we see at night in the sky and the bright sun at day time is the same things. It is true that the sun is also a star that is the closet star of the earth. 

What we mean by life that totally depends on the sun. If the light and heat do not come to the earth from the sun, it was impossible to create and exist life on the earth. Without sunlight the green trees and human cannot exist. 

The sun is 93,000,000 miles away from the earth and 1,300,000 times bigger than the earth.

It is very interesting that the sun not solid as like as the earth. The temperature of the sun surface is 6,000oC. This super high temperature is enough to be any material into gas. So, no doubt the sun is in gaseous state. 

Earlier, the scientists were believe that the sun is burning continuously to generate the light and heat. Recently the scientists are changed their mind and believe that the sun generate light and heat as like the atomic bomb working principle. 

Actually the light and the heat generate on the sun converting the particle of matter into energy that is completely different from burning.

In burning procedure matter changes the state from one form to other, but in converting particle to energy its required very small amount of matter to produce huge amount of energy.


Only 28g particle can produce such amount of energy that can melt more than 1,000,000 tons stone.

So, if the science is true, the sun is converting materials in energy continuously to produce light and heat.

When the sun will become useless or become zero mass? The sun can generate heat and light energy for 150 thousand million (150,000,000,000) years just using 1% of its mass.

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