WAZIPOINT Engineering Science & Technology: Why The Sun Become Reddish During Sunset?

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Why The Sun Become Reddish During Sunset?

Sunset at sea-shore, you will find the sun as like a reddish dining plate, the moment is very lovely, we must like it. During this time the sun looks very red, but the sun color is never red.

During the day time you cannot find the sun in this color, only a particular moment of the day you will find it like this reddish color. 

The fact is that when you find the sun is red during sunset, at the same time others people from thousand kilo meters away from you cannot see it red. So, the sun never be red.

The sun become reddish during sunset because the distance from us that the sunlight passes through the space. You can remember that the sunlight actually contains all the colors. Our eyes detect the sunlight as white that actually a mixture of all colors.

But in the space around us where presence the air, dust, humidity or water particles, and many more micro particles that light refraction property is different.

During sunset at the horizon, due to the light refraction property in different particles, we see the red and yellow color more than the others color that makes the sun reddish to us.

For the same reason, we see the sky blue during the clear weather. 

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