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Monday, February 18, 2019

Underground Cable Accessories Erection and Checking Procedure at Site Work

Carryout the Underground Cable Accessories Erection and Checking at Site
Fig-Underground Cable Joint 

The Contractor’s Responsibility during Carryout the Underground Cable Accessories Erection and Checking at Site

All works at the Site are to be carried out in such a manner as not to obstruct unduly the public, the Employer's Staff nor any other Contractor, or the operation of existing supply systems. Full facilities and assistance are to be afforded by the Contractor for the Employer or his Representative to check the Site works. Where the works are to interface with other contractors works, co-ordination of all activities shall be performed in consultation with the Employers representative.

The Contractor shall submit to the Employer for approval and discussion his proposals and plans as to the method of procedure to be adopted and particulars of temporary works involved in construction. 

In addition the Contractor shall submit for approval, and agree with the Employer the methods, procedures and means of recording all pre-energization testing andcommissioning works.

As each part of the Works is erected the Contractor shall seek the Employers approval that the works have been constructed in accordance with the specification and approved drawings.


For purposes of progress payments for site work a monthly and cumulative system of joint measurement of work done for each Section of Work shall be set up by the Contractor in a manner approved by the Employer.

Any works constructed prior to the issue of drawings approved by the Employer for the particular works may not be included in the percentage completion figures.

The Contractor is to provide such protection and watchmen as he may consider necessary to safeguard his materials and stores. The Employer will not accept responsibilities for any loss or damage, which may occur during the execution of the contract.

The carrying out of all the work included in the Contract shall be supervised by a sufficient number of qualified representatives of the Contractor, and full facilities and assistance shall be provided to the Employer to check the Works. 

The Contractor shall obtain from the Employer details of the works that he proposes to inspect, but such inspection shall in no way exonerate the Contractor from any of his obligations. 

The Contractor, if required by the Employer, shall open for inspection before erection any equipment, which has been delivered to the site partly assembled.

The Contractor shall keep the site reasonably clean where he erects or stores plant, removing all waste materials resulting from the Works as it accumulates and as reasonably directed.

On completion of the Works the Site shall be left clean and tidy to the satisfaction of the Employer. Any damage done to buildings, structures, plant or property belonging to the Employer shall be made good at the Contractor's expense.
The Contractor shall ensure the correctness of electrical and mechanical connections to all equipment supplied under the Contract before such equipment is commissioned.


During erection and commissioning the Contractor shall provide all temporary scaffolding, ladders, platforms with toe boards and hand-rails essential for proper access of workmen and inspectors, cover or rail off dangerous opening or holes in floors, and afford adequate protection against materials falling from a higher level on a person below.

The maximum personal safety must be afforded to personnel either directly engaged on this Contract or who in the normal course of their occupations find it necessary to utilize temporary works erected by the Contractor or to frequent the working area.

In each and every case involving a connection between the Plant supplied under this Contract and any other existing plant which may or may not be in service, the Contractor must make suitable arrangements as regards the time and manner in which the connection is made subject to the approval of Employer’s Representative who is in charge of the existing plant. Where cases arise involving the operation ofthe plant or work on plant in operation or whenever required by the Employer’s Representative, the Contractor must obtain a written “Permit to Work” signed by a person duly authorized by the Employer.

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