Materials handling and storing procedure

Materials Handling and Storage: Ensure Maintenance & Construction Project Safety Code

The material handling and storage procedure for maintenance and construction project is intended to define the requirements, storage, take care & custody, issue & receive ect, to ensure the responsibilities and obligations to the objective of safety induction.

The general requirements of maintenance and construction project are to store materials in a planned and organized way that does not endanger employee’s safety. 

It’s must be ensure that all the stacks, rows, and piles are stabled and stacked to aided safe handling and loading. Hazardous and chemical materials must be store and handle in accordance with the individual requirements and MSDS should be available near the hazardous materials.

Methods of materials storing in open-yard store and warehouse

Typical materials storing places are both indoor and outdoor; especial attention required for in an open-yard storage is combustible materials, access way, overhead electric power lines, and fire protection facilities etc and for an indoor storage to easy access, fire prevention and protection facilities, floor loading capacities and overhead hazards.

The optimized storing methods and types are selected depending on the materials nature, size, weight, amount of materials and the space are of store. This article’s the most important focal point is employee’s safety and productive work output. The common and effective material storing methods are as follow:
·        Case Piling up;
·        Ground storing or Floor Storing;
·        Plate stacking;
·        Cross-wise Stacking;
·        Stepped Stacking;
·        Pyramid Stacking;
·        Offset Stacking;
·        Boxed Storing;
·        Pallet Storing or Skid Storing;
·        Vertical Stacking;
·        Hanger Storing;
·        Hooked Nail Storing;
·        Bag Piling.

Tips to safe materials handling and storage


Following points onto safe materials handling and storing procedure may effective and productive to your any project especially in construction and maintenance project, if it practice to discuss in a group regularly just before start your works. The most common tips are as below:
  • All materials shall be properly stored on racks or pallets;
  • Gangways shall be left to allow easy access to all materials, either by personnel or mechanical lifting equipment as appropriate;
  • Adequate firefighting equipment must be provided; such equipment must be readily accessible and not obstructed by the materials;
  • Manual handling and lifting must be done correctly, using a straight back and bending the legs;
  • Only trained and competent operators shall use forklift trucks;
  • Volatile and flammable materials shall be stored in a separate secured place, well ventilated building away from the main stores;
  • Compressed gas cylinders shall be stored in accordance with standard safety procedures;
  • Mechanical lifting equipment shall be used within its rated capacity;
  • When open wooden packing cases ensure that all nails are either pulled or bent over;
  • Always wear work gloves when handling materials.

For better practice in materials handling and storing in your maintenance and construction project to ensure safety code and conduct, as first step keep your work and storage areas clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition then keep stairways, access ways, and exits free from scrap, supplies, materials, or equipment.


  1. What is MSDS?
    Please mention the full meaning
    and where can we get it from?

    1. Thanks for your comments,
      MSDS is in short of Material Safety Data Sheets, hazardous chemical materials safely using instruction,

  2. MSDS should be available near the hazardous materials


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