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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Electric ON/OFF Actuator VA-7010 Control Manual: Johnson Control

Johnson Control Electric ON/OFF Actuator User Manual 

The Johnson Control VA-7010 electric on/off actuator user manual provides you a two-position (open-closed) control and can easily be mounted with a threaded coupling onto VG5000 forged brass valves operation and wiring manual that will help to run your HVAC system very smoothly with minimum breakdown.

You will find the Johnson Control wiring diagram and specification in this user guide where a lever at the side of the actuator housing can be used to manually open a 2Way PDTO valve, on the normally closed port of a 3-way valve.

Make sure at servicing time that the electrical supply to the actuator is switched off to avoid possible damage to the equipment and personal injury or shock.

You do not touch or attempt to connect or disconnect wires when electric power is ON.

For more details about the power schematic wiring diagram, low voltage control schematic, and wiring diagram with detailed specification of Johnson Control actuator, you may download a pdf copy from the link below:

Free DOWNLOAD .pdf

VA-4010: Electric ON/OFF Actuator


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