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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Underground XLPE Cable Accessory

Accessory means a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. Here the useful word is more appropriate.

The main element is Cable, but our focus on Accessories means Cable accessories today.

There are many more cables to discuss, but XLPE Cable is our main target in this episode.

The prefix underground means the cable that is laid in the ground in the buried method.

The cable accessories used in XLPE underground cable, we will be focused on today.

List of Power Cable Accessories for underground High-voltage XLPE Cables

Cable accessories contain some consumable items that will not come in our discussion, we will mention only the major item of components.

XLPE underground cable uses the following Accessories:

Joints & Splice: There is a limitation to the cable length, it cannot produce very long lengths because drumming and carrying are not possible in a long-length cable drum. So, cable splicing or jointing is necessary. There are different types of cable joints available in the market- 

a) heat shrink and 
b) cool shrink cable joints are the most popular.

Cable Termination: Cable Sealing End or cable termination is one of the most important cable accessories. It may be 

a) indoor type and 
b) outdoor type. On the other way 

i) EBG and 
ii) EBA. 

EBG means cable end box in the air, and EBG means cable end box in the gas. If the switchgear is GIS or gas-insulated type then the EBG cable sealing end is used.

Link Box: Earthing System is a very important part of cable engineering or cable network in electrical power network systems. High-voltage or extra-high voltage cable is earthed or grounded through a cable earthing link box, but medium-voltage or low-voltage systems do not need a link box, direct earthing is enough considering economic and engineering points. 

Link Box mainly uses in each cable jointing and termination point for cable sheath earthing locally. Considering the engineering point, cable link boxes maybe five types-
  1. 1-1 way without SVL;
  2. 1-1 way with SVL;
  3. 3-1 way without SVL;
  4. 3-1 way with SVL;
  5. 3-1 way cross bonding.
Here, 1-1 means single phase, one phase coming into and one earthing is going out from the box.

3-1 means three phases, three phases coming into and one eating is going out from the box.

SVL means cable sheath voltage limiter is used or not used.

Underground Power Cable Bonding Methods are details discussed in another article.
If you want to purchase or know more details about particular cable accessories then you need to contact the Cable Accessories Manufacturer company or another catalog for details measurements of the product.

The list of major cable accessories manufacturer companies in the world, you may get from here- Cable and Cable Accessories Manufacturer Companies in the world.

What are the cable accessories for the low-voltage system?

In a low-voltage system, the following cable accessories are mainly used.
  1. Cable Glands;
  2. Cable Lugs;
  3. Plugs and Connectors;
  4. Cable Markers;
  5. Cable Tools;
  6. Cable Cleats;
  7. Cable Conduit;
  8. Cable Ties.
Cable accessories play an important role in connecting and securing differently sized and shaped cables and offer total protection to internal and external power equipment.

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