Types of Transformers and Transformers Symbols

A transformer is a passive electrical device or a static device  that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another, or multiple circuits. The transformer does this by linking together two or more electrical circuits using a common oscillating magnetic circuit which is produced by the transformer itself.

Generally the electrical transformer is a component consisting of two or more coils coupled by magnetic induction. It is used to transfer electrical energy, and to increase or decrease the voltage in an AC circuit, keeping the frequency fixed.

The exceptional for auto-transformer has only one winding.

Different types of Transformers Symbols

Transformers Symbols

The types of different transformers

  • 1             Power transformer

    1.1         Laminated core

    1.2         Toroidal

    1.3         Autotransformer

    1.4         Variable autotransformer

    1.5         Induction regulator

    1.6         Poly phase transformer

    1.7         Grounding transformer

    1.8         Phase-shifting transformer

    1.9         Variable-frequency transformer

    1.10       Leakage or stray field transformer

    1.11       Resonant transformer

    1.12       Constant voltage transformer

    1.13       Ferrite core

    1.14       Planar transformer

    1.15       Oil-cooled transformer

    1.16       Cast resin transformer

    1.17       Isolating transformer

    1.18       Solid-state transformer


    2             Instrument transformer

    2.1         Current transformer

    2.2         Voltage transformer or potential transformer

    2.3         Combined instrument transformer


    3             Pulse transformer


    4             RF transformer

    4.1         Air-core transformer

    4.2         Ferrite-core transformer

    4.3         Transmission-line transformer

    4.4         Balun


    5             IF transformer


    6             Audio transformer

    6.1         Loudspeaker transformer

    6.2         Output transformer

    6.3         Small-signal transformer

    6.4         Interstage and coupling transformer

    7             Other types

    7.1         Transactor

    7.2         Hedgehog

    7.3         Variometer and variocoupler

    7.4         Rotary transformer

    7.5         Variable differential transformer

    7.6         Resolver and synchro

    7.7         Piezoelectric transformer

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