Magnetic Leakage of a Transformer Breaks Ideal Characteristic

Magnetic Leakage of a Transformer Breaks Ideal Characteristic
 Fig-1: Magnetic Leakage of Transformer  

How does magnetic flux determine the ideal transformer is not possible in practical?

Generally, it assumed as our elementary knowledge about the transformer theory that the flux linked with the primary winding is also linked to the secondary winding.

But in a practical transformer cannot links all the fluxes to the secondary windings what is linked at primary. In simple all primary flux not possible to transfer into secondary windings, some fluxes will be lost what is known as leakage flux.

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Classification of Transformer Flux Line

The flux lines in the transformer operation can be classified into two types according to their nature.

  1. Mutual flux
  2. leakage flux

Mutual flux 

This is the number of fluxes that are generated on the supply side and transfer to the load side by means of electromagnetic induction. The supply-side and the load side is magnetically coupled with this static device. Due to the presence of mutual flux alternating EMF is induced in the load side which causes load current to flow. This mutual flux plays the main principle of operation of a transformer.

Leakage flux 

In this above picture, the primary side leakage fluxes are denoted as ФL1, Ф1 and in secondary side leakage fluxes are ФL2, Ф2 . this function of the leakage flux is to reduce the mutual flux in the core of the transformer so that increase in leakage flux in a transformer reduces the overall efficiency of it. So the leakage reactance of a transformer is made high to reduce the leakage flux density As the magnitude of the leakage flux increases, the magnitude of flux in the core decreases. Leakage flux increases considerably as the currents in the windings increase. So the leakage flux has to be kept as low as possible.

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